Epic Week

Yes, its been an epic week so far… braving suburban hurricanes, powerful enough to blow over plastic garden furniture! And wet enough to drench me to my underwear. I have stemmed a kitchen flood with a well placed thumb over a burst pipe – without any regard for my own safety or comfort! And I’ve won a battle of wills with a well known mobile phone company who needed convincing that after being with them for 14 years I was a worthy enough customer for them to keep happy. What next will the week throw at me?

All I seem to do lately is spend my time in DIY stores, I am convinced they will give me my own parking space soon, and if I am not there, walking up and down their isles looking for something they probably don’t have, I might be at work, or if I lucky I am in bed. Although sleeping is difficult when the neighbours decide to watch TV at full volume until late… or better still, an argument with the other neighbours kicks off, I just wish I knew what they were arguing about at 2am… sadly its all in Portuguese.


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