Biblical Rain… and other issues

Hi all, sorry for the lack of midweek posts this week, I have been splitting my time between working, being ill and arguing with phone companies! I do promise that the photo of the week will be returning soon, with more unique and original images for you to enjoy! Thank you for your emails on the subject.

If you are reading this page from a place outside the UK you may not know that it started raining here sometime in December and has not stopped since! Someone has foolishly left the great tap in the sky open above us, and now we have all swapped our cars for inflatable boats so we can still make it to Tesco, and other well known stores. Okay that’s not true, but it is pretty wet over here at the moment. I have heard that someone is now building an ark in case this really is the biblical end of Britain. If this is true, then this might be my very last post… apparently they already have two writers on board.



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