Back on Track

No More Writers Block!

Hi all, I have finally managed to shift my writers block!!! and I am back on form at last and working hard on book 3! I polished off 2’500 words over the weekend -while hiding away from the sun like a hermit in a cave, missing the first offerings of fine summer living (people were in shorts). I think it was the perpetual tiredness which has really killed my writing off lately, and trying too hard. Long working days leave little time for creative thinking. Every time I sat in front of my laptop I was thinking “okay lets write something. Got to reach a thousand words today…” and then I would end up writing just a hundred, and getting really, really frustrated. I would have been better off spending the few hours I had spare chilling with my notepad and a coffee.

My “idea well” temporarily ran dry, so to speak. I just wasn’t replenishing it. Writing for me is about putting across ideas, and often not the act itself. Although that said, I do actually enjoy the act of putting pen to paper… well finger to keypad… you know what I mean… I think when it comes to creativity there are times when you cant just slog it out, like your building a wall or something. Your really need to have “contemplation time.” For me I have to arm myself in between chapters, with characters, scenes and conversations in my head while I’m away from writing. This was what I neglected to do for a while.

I just forgot something that I knew from the outset: like in boxing, the competition is often won in the gym. For me this means giving my ideas time to grow and mature, so when I sit down to write the ideas cannot make the jump from brain to page quick enough! and all I have to worry about is how to structure the ideas/story on the page. That’s when I am at my best.

It also helps me to have some of the experiences that are taking place in the story (more on this in another update). It prompts my imagination into gear. Perhaps this makes me a method writer? I don’t know, but it sounds good!!

Thanks for reading!





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