Strict Hoarding rules for men… (man-draws exempt)

I have been forced to make a very difficult decision this week… for those of you who like to hoard you may be sympathetic to my plight… I had to throw away an old box, but not just any old box, this one was special… it had great sentimental attachment. This one delivered the first ever books I have had published in print. Then why throw it away I here you ask? Because I have made myself a promise to stop hoarding stuff! I now live by two very strict hoarding rules:

(1) If it hasn’t been used within a year it goes into either storage or the bin.
(2) I must be brutally honest with myself about each and every item, and ask myself each time: “Would someone else actually value this item if you gave it to them?”

(obviously, legal documents, books, wine, tools, DIY manuals and objects living in man-draws are all exempt from the harsh realities of these rules)

Thus the box failed on both counts, and in all honesty it would not be long before it fell apart through the rigours of deep storage anyway. So I wiped away a tear as I ceremonially threw it into the recycling bin. With great foresight I took this picture beforehand to console myself later. Now the box and its memory will live on forever!

Job done. I can now continue on with my life…



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