Writer Overload

Hi all, have you ever had that feeling where you just have too much to do to focus on just one thing at a time, and you end up doing hardly anything at all? I am going to assume you answered yes to that question, because frankly I am in need of some empathy today!

Yeah life just gets on top of you sometimes don’t it? I feel like I need to employ a personal assistant to handle the paper trail which pops through the letterbox and follows me around, and demands my attention, when I could be writing instead. In some sort of attempt to stamp order upon the administrative chaos I have taken drastic steps… I have crafted a list… “A things to do list,” which I will force myself to live by for the next five days, task by boring task. Without it my mind will be pulling in all ten directions at once, and I just can’t have that! For me, when there is too much to do, nothing gets done!… wait a minute (visualise me scratching my head)… have I just created my own proverb? I like the sound of that… I think I will use it somewhere…

“When there is too much to do, nothing gets done!” – Alfred Duff


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