Lazy Writer…

Hi all, a lot is happening at the moment, but most of it behind the scenes so it just looks like I am being totally lazy! I have finally found an artist to do illustrations for the current book, of which I only have a chapter left to write! I have promised myself that this will definitely, absolutely, without doubt be the last chapter… probably…

38’000 Words and Still Growing…

This book was only supposed to be 20’000 words but somehow I find myself at 38’000 and it just keeps on growing and growing. How that happens I don’t really know. Once I find an idea I just keep building and building upon it I suppose. Sometimes ideas are just too good not to expand on and explore fully… if you know what I mean?

More Method Please!

I am currently trying to discover more about “method writing” because I have realised that my approach to writing is a bit more than just sitting down to type and going through the motions. Haven’t found much out about it at the moment, just links to off the shelf methods of how to write a novel from scratch and people trying to sell you stuff. The usual basically…

Book Cover Art…

Hopefully next week I will have some more news about the artist I mentioned earlier and an example of her exquisite work. Stay Tuned! you will be amazed by her work I promise you!


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