Rejoice! A book is born today

Great day today, finally finished the second book! (first draft) currently at 41’000 words but that will increase with editing no doubt. The book  has the working title of  Warspite 2 at the moment as it a part of the Warspite series. I shall do a proper announcement/teaser nearer the time of release when I have more info. I have been thinking lately that maybe the series needs its very own page/blog/website but I am undecided at the moment; there are so many options??

I have promised myself I will only edit this book once before sending it off to my editor, and I will only have a month to do it. It is a nice feeling when you reach a milestone. Now I can sit back and watch the sun go down… actually I have been so obsessed with getting things done today its already dark here… never mind enjoy this image of a sunset anyway and Rejoice with me!

Sun Burst


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