Any bright ideas?

I have so many ideas in my crowded brain that I often wonder which ones if any are going to “shine through” so to speak…. or  at least stand out from the crowd. Its impossible to know of course, but it is why once this section of the Warspite series is published I am going to experiment with some short stories. These short stories will be set in the world of the Warspite, but in times and places which are separate from the main story line. This way I can explore and learn what my readers enjoy most about the books.

There are so many back stories, regions and struggles going on in the world I created, and it seems a shame just to touch upon them each so fleetingly; thus, this is also where the short story comes in. This way I can devote a short story to each of the background dynamics which influence the main storyline, and so tie everything together in my mind and in the minds of the readers!

Any guesses where I took this picture?

Purple Thoughts


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