I know you can’t please everyone…

So the beast is done! I can finally report my sequel, in its raw form, is finally in the can …

20’000 words more than I planned to write and six months behind schedule but I have finally sent Warspite 2 (working title) off to my Editor/Publisher. No more… alterations, tweaks, amendments, or triple checking! Its gone out to pasture…

There comes a time when you just have to take the plunge, so I have just sent the 45,700 word file off to the editor and I nervously await his judgement!

Being the second book in the Warspite series I am still every bit as nervous as the first, but for a different reason this time around. I worry whether the people who loved the first book so much will enjoy this second book just as much?

I know you can’t please everyone, and as a writer you have to please yourself first and foremost, but I hope the sequel fulfils their expectations and answers some of the questions left over from the first book. Only one way to find out suppose!

Warspite, Part Two coming your way soon!

Warspite, Part Two coming your way soon!



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