Women, Writing and Wounds

When I first started writing someone asked me who was my intended audience? hmm… I hadn’t really given it much consideration up until that point. I was just… well writing for myself I suppose, but since they asked I replied something along the lines of: men aged 16 + basically because my stories revolved around; war, action, adventure, with some gory bits in between. I generally stuck with this approach until about a year ago, until I published my first book, then my outlook changed almost completely…

shortly after publishing It turned out that my book was just as popular with women as with men, even though I had made no attempt to feature a prominent female character or even have a woman’s perspective in the plot. This was a huge surprise to me! I can even remember being a bit shy to give a printed copy of my book to a female friend of mine. I think I told her something like: “you can have a copy, but you won’t like it much… its more aimed at men really”. So I was so surprised when she told me how much she loved it!

I now realise that my thinking was rather narrow and uninformed, but what can I say? I am a man! But I do learn from my misjudgements, just very slowly… of course this has got me thinking, and I am now reconsidering some aspects of the forthcoming Warspite Series, and including more plots which revolve around strong female characters. Writing these stories has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but one that I have so far enjoyed. Hopefully I am now striking a more realistic and interesting balance while broadening the appeal of the series. That’s the aim anyway. I will let you, the reader, decide

In other news I was invited to a Halloween party in London on Friday night. I noticed that people have really gone for it this year with some very elaborate outfits (unlike me) and most of the women had these horrific injuries created with make-up, perhaps women love gory stuff more than men? I know I write about horrific injuries in my books, but in truth I don’t even like blood tests – the very thought of them makes me go weak. One of the barmaids at the Halloween party had her make-up done to look like a very realistic slit throat. I have to be honest with you: It really put me off my beer…


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