The Poppies and the Tower

I went to Visit the Tower of London Poppies over the weekend. It was very moving to think each individual poppy represents someone who died during the first world war.

There are 888,246 poppies around the tower and its hard to even get near as the crowds are so large, even in the dark and during the rain, there were still so many people waiting to have a look. You could barely move a times…

As a writer you are always trying to put yourself into the shoes of others, trying to imagine what they would be thinking or feeling, but I struggle to imagine what it must have been like for the soldiers waiting in trenches at the foot of ladders, waiting for someone to blow a whistle to commence the battle. Knowing that you probably have but minutes to live, or at the very least minutes until you are badly wounded. They must have been sick to their stomachs, unable to eat or sleep, or think about anything else for days or weeks before.

Every time I go to a monument or commemoration it always puts life into perspective and reminds me that no matter what problems you have, there is always tomorrow for us. They weren’t so fortunate.

I took some half decent pictures, but the light and the rain were against me. If you are near London over the next couple of weeks I recommend you go and have a look. The installation of the poppies is only temporary and they wont be repeating it as far as I know.CAM00872 CAM00915 CAM00886


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