That all important Second Book… and why Publish?

Well, I have walked the long road… and now comes the time which all writers both love and dread in equal measure… It is time to release my second book into the wild…

The manuscripts have been printed and the word documents have been finalised. No more adjustments until all the feedback drops into my inbox.

Will it be loved more than the first story in the series? or will it be the “lesser” sibling within the family? Have I made some massive continuity error somewhere? the answer to all these questions is: I just don’t know… All I do know is that it is time for me to take a step back and wait and see!

By this time next week the ten or so people of my “test readership” will have their copy and I will anxiously await their reviews and suggestions.

Someone asked me yesterday about the difference between someone who writes and rarely publishes their work, and someone who publishes absolutely everything – even if its not quite up to scratch yet. Its a difficult question, I find myself somewhere in the middle: I would never want to publish garbage, but on the other hand, how are you ever going to improve as a writer if you don’t put your stuff out there for scrutiny? If we all waited until we was absolutely certain, not much would ever get published!

Our conversation moved on to those people who just simply enjoy the act of writing itself and have no intention of ever sharing it. I enjoy the simple act of writing too, but I also write to entertain, and I love that part just as much, so for me it would be a bit like learning to play the guitar, but never performing for anyone. Not even in a pub! Which I think is a shame, but each to their own I suppose!

Warspite Two (working title) in manuscript form

Warspite Two (working title) in manuscript form

Hope you like the picture of me and my Manuscript, that’s 40’000 words right there! and now I need a new ink cartridge…


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