Why are a Hundred words much harder than a Thousand?

I have spent all weekend deliberating over the product description to go on Amazon and other websites – basically the summary paragraph which (hopefully) sells the book. It should give you a taste, but not give away the whole dam story like most film trailers seem to do. I don’t know about you but once I have seen most trailers at the cinema I feel like I have actually seen the whole film already???

Anyway, I am finding this second book in the Warspite series a tad more difficult than the first, since I have crammed a lot into this one. Its hard to know where to begin. There is the introduction of the “Dark Arts” and the long forgotten “Book of the Warspite” as well as characters new and old, dangerous political games, a love story… and of course…war!

I will post the outcome next week, at the moment its just a load of bullet points on a page which I keep going over and over without much success. I think I need to put it down for a while and revisit it next weekend with fresh eyes. I am sure it will become obvious what I should go with.

Here’s what I went with last time ” Warspite The Godling”:

“A new Era begins… welcome to the Epic World of the Warspite: a place of hard choices. Dark forces sweep across the land, bringing carnage by the sword; threatening to tip the balance of the Old Globe onto a path of prevailing darkness.

As the Warspite’s greatest general, Lord Hasler has the daunting task of defeating the city of Hoth, whose enormous slave army now threatens to destroy Ironia, home city of the Warspite. His task is made more difficult as the Warspite’s greatest warrior, Henry Artorius is consumed with his personal quest to root out and destroy the cruel menace of the Fearnaught.

War and peace upon the old globe can prove equally deadly, as a grab for power within, and a shift in alliances, leave the Warspite forced to choose a new destiny. Perhaps the arrival of The Godling is a sign of the gods unwavering bond with Ironia’s Warspite, or perhaps darker times now lay ahead… let the story begin..”.

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