Epic Inspiration… and Epic Book Browsing

Epic Inspiration!

Well I have managed to get the all important product description done and I’ve even settled on a book title from my short list, but I think I am going to keep it under wraps for a couple of days until I am 100% happy with it. Well… I will settle for 99% as I am never 100% satisfied with anything!

It still took me about 3 hours to write the two hundred word description though. I finally over came my writers block by scribbling on a favourite note pad of mine while listening to some very loud and very epic film sound tracks! (don’t ask me why this works, it just does) and I finally got there in a flurry of inspiration in the final hour!

Book browsing time warp…

Is it possible to get thrown out of a bookshop? I think I might find out soon enough. I spent about two hours in one the other day and didn’t buy a thing. In fact I have done it a lot lately, its becoming a habit if I am honest. I go in for a quick browse, (sometimes for some quick inspiration) and before I know it I have been caught in a time warp… hours have passed me by and I have forgotten everything I was meant to do that day – like buying presents. I am a rubbish customer really… I promise I will buy a book soon! I promise!

This week I stumbled across a very interesting book while caught in my time warp. It seemed a little bit out of place on the shelf – lost almost – as if it didn’t belong there, so of course I just had to read it for an hour!

It was “Why England Slept” by JFK, written in 1940 and reprinted a couple of times since, including when he was president. I actually would have bought this one as it was just so interesting, but it was about £50 and I know I haven’t got much time to read it at the moment (outside of my time warps), so it would be a waste really. I was very tempted though, but in the end I settled for this picture of it…

Why England Slept by JFK

Why England Slept by JFK

Its funny to imagine that he wrote it before the outcome of world war two was known and the world still hung in the balance at the time! I have googled it since and it does come highly recommended if history is your thing. Personally I am a massive history geek!

I often wonder how other people conquer their own writers block? or if I am alone in my endless book browsing time warps?

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