“The Witch and the Dark Arts”

Release Update!

Well, the title is settled and the front cover is done! Needs some minor tweaks but I am happy with it. What do you think? What does it say to you? tell me your thoughts…

I am wearing my promoters hat this week and working on some Tag lines for the cover and “Log Lines” (a short 30 word pitch for the book) which will appear on websites and advertising campaigns etc…

The Warspite Series, The Witch and the Dark Arts

The Warspite Series, The Witch and the Dark Arts

I was hoping for a pre-Christmas launch but that looks increasingly unlikely now due to some external factors, but lets not rush ahead in haste, better it come out in good order than full of errors!

“The Witch and the Dark Arts” is the second book in The Warspite Series you can download the first book by visiting Amazon and searching for “Warspite, The Godling” – I have had many good reviews for all the books in the series so far, both published and pending so check it out!

Download the first book now and you will have something to read during those quiet gaps over the holidays! and by the time you have finished that one I will have the second ready for you!

I will keep you posted on the upcoming release date!


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