The Dark Arts on Kindle!

Spent the weekend meeting with my publisher, formatting my book from a word document to something that looks nice on a eReader… don’t ask me too much about this as I am still not sure that I understand it all yet… but we uploaded everything for test purposes and it looked pretty great.

The Witch and the Dark Arts on Kindle

The Witch and the Dark Arts on Kindle

I also spent a lot of time re-working the Warspite logo, as the current one doesn’t seem to work on dark backgrounds. In the process of playing around with different designs I discovered some handy Photoshop tools as I went.

So we are almost there, last tweaks and fiddling to be done but I am pleased to say that I finally have a release date for “The Witch and the Dark Arts”

On Monday the 12th of January 2015 you will be able to purchase this second book in the series! It will be available only on Amazon initially, and then other ebook outlets to follow which I will keep you posted upon.

There is a lot happening at the moment…

Soon all ebooks in the Warspite series will be available to order in print!

The third book in the Warspite series is waiting to be edited and I expect to release it hot on the heels of the second!

I am about to embark on some short stories set in the world of the Warspite series. I am overflowing with stories for this series and I am looking forward to getting as many out this year as I can, hence the shift to the shorter story format.

So this will be a good year for Warspite fans!


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