They look pretty good together…

My first story wont look quite so lonely up on the digital shelf now it finally has a companion!

I am pleased to announce that “The Witch and the Dark Arts” will be available on Amazon tomorrow!

Fantasy Adventure... Sweeping Fantasy Epic! "The Witch and the Dark Arts"

Fantasy and Adventure…

“The Witch and the Dark Arts”

It is the second book in the Warspite Series, and although it picks the story up from where we left off it can be enjoyed as a stand alone story just as much!

It seems like a long time since the first book, probably because I spent more time writing than publishing in 2014, but last year’s hard work has paid off and it means the third story in the series wont be far behind this one.

I am really pleased with the way the cover came out, it really jumps out at you!

I will post the full information on how you can get your copy of my book tomorrow. Its been great hearing all the positive feedback so far from those who have already received the pre-release manuscript, so now I am just looking forward to getting it out there!




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