A lot of research goes into period stories, luckily I love history anyway, so I found it quite easy when I started creating the world of The Warspite Series, which is set in the late medieval period and early renaissance era, depending if the story takes place in the North or the South.

In the books I dabble with the idea of gunpowder (among many other things) and the impact it would have on a feudal world of witchcraft and religion. I find there is so much going on in the stories its difficult to write an overview. This is what I came up with today, and published on Wattpad:

“The fractious “Old Globe” is in a time of shifting ideology. The pious North is held in the grasp of a dark religion which honours a vengeful god and lives under the cruel shadow of the Fearnaught; a ruthless religious cult not to be crossed. The rebellious South, made up of breakaway city states and kingdoms, concerns itself with the dawn of a new renaissance, ushered in by the Warspite; a secretive band of men and women, who have stood as guardians against the Fearnaught for three long centuries… until now…”


Researching the past…

…Its fair to say I have amassed quite a collection of history books in my time… when I was at college I bought one a week and I still can’t walk past the history section in a bookshop without stopping for an hour… or two!

#research #books #history


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