Introducing your very own all powerful notebook…

Want to write a story but don’t know where to start?

Get yourself a notebook and just start by making notes… doesn’t matter what order your ideas come out in, just write them down as and when they come to you!

The importance of your own notes

The importance of your own notes

Whole scenes and chapters can start from just a short piece of dialogue or from a place you can see in your mind’s eye. Stories often grow from very small acorns and evolve and evolve… until the last chapter is written. Don’t expect to have all the answers from the outset. Planning a story from the beginning to end is difficult and you don’t need the pressure! Things don’t always turn out as you expect and you may want to change direction halfway through anyhow!

But what is important: is that all your great ideas do make it into your story! Keep your notebook handy throughout the day, you never know when a great idea will come to you, and chances are you will have forgotten it by the end of the day! Don’t worry about spelling or grammar just get your ideas down on paper in no particular order. You can organise and make sense of them later!

Sketching your ideas out in your notebook helps as well. For instance: I always sketch out buildings if they are heavily involved in the storyline. I also draw out rough floor plans so I can keep track of who is where at what time, and make sure there is no continuity errors for example. Don’t worry if you are a rubbish artist, just keep it simple and draw stick-men if you have to! You can add labels if what you have drawn is liable to confuse you later. No one else is going to see your handy work – Your notebook is for your eyes only!

You will hopefully find that in time you have amassed quite a collection of notes and ideas, which will help you join the dots of your story a lot easier than staring at a blank Word document and trying to have great ideas as you go!

Once you make a habit of using a notebook you will find it to be a great writing aid!

Hope that helps all you budding writers!

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Alfred Duff

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