Swapping London for the Coast…

I finally finished the work on my flat and have traded London for a bustling little place by the sea (Hove) Its taken a lot of work over the last four months but its all been worth it. Decorating has been a bit like writing; you plough into the project full of passion not quite knowing exactly how it will turn out in the end, but confident in your grand vision and then half way through you start doubting yourself, wondering if you have bitten off more than you can chew? Not to mention all the changes, alterations, compromising and going over the same part again and again, and still not being entirely happy with it! Then there’s the point where you feel like it will never be finished or any good when it is… but you struggle on regardless and hopefully it comes good in the end. And even if some don’t like it, plenty more will!

So alas, its done! and now I’m enjoying living in Hove (near Brighton) somewhere new to me and quite unique. I have moved around London a fair bit as well as living in two port cities; Portsmouth and Plymouth but never have I lived right on top of the beach before so I look forward to the spring and summer (if we have a summer lol) and making the most of my new surroundings.

In addition, Hove is popular with writers so perhaps I will fit in! Speaking of Writing, now the decorating is done I can get back to writing properly and finish the third instalment of The Warspite Series. For those I know who are waiting for it I promise I will have it done soon, and I thank you all for your patience!


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