Pressure, Gold Stars and Bad Books…

Pressures on…

I have people chasing me for the third instalment in the Warspite Series so I thought I should get on on with it. Oddly most of it is already written but I need to revisit the start and add some scenes, probably about 10’000 words which I originally left out for another book but now need including to tie the story together with the first book in a better way. Confused? Yes it does get a bit confusing but that’s the joy of writing a series.

Gold Stars all round…

The Godling now has 11 reviews, all positive 4/5 stars which I am pretty happy about!! Reviews are hard to come by in this busy age so every time I get one I rejoice!! On that note bad reviews are probably easiest to attain. When I flick through Amazon books I notice bad books getting more reviews than average to good books – I suppose everyone loves to have a moan!! Most of it seems to be books which haven’t been edited properly – or at all…

5 Star Reviews for The Warspite Series

5 Star Reviews for The Warspite Series…/…/B00E3FC394/re



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